Create observation node

This chapter will introduce how to create observation nodes to everyone.

  1. Download the zippynode binary file from the link
observation/explorer node command
./zippynode --log_folder ./tmp_log --min_peers 4 --bootnodes /ip4/ --network_type=localnet --verbosity=5 --ip --port 19002 --sync --sync.stagedsync --db_dir ./testdb/ --broadcast_invalid_tx=false --http.ip= --ws.ip= --run=explorer --run.shard=0
  1. --log_folder ./tmp_log is used to set the log file.

  2. --min_peers 4 is used to set peer numbers.

  3. Our bootnode is /ip4/

  4. network_type=localnet is used to set as localnet

  5. --run.shard=0 is used to connect to the shard0, --run.shard=1, --run.shard=2, --run.shard=3 for other shards.

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